Dear Friends

I am very proud to share with you my experience of over 70-times traveling overseas with my American tourists.   I led these tour groups with pride to be a Polish American, and not only did I introduce them to my beautiful homeland of Poland but also took them to many other countries like Egypt, Italy, Greece, Russia, Ireland, France, Denmark, England, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bielorrusia and many more countries throughout Europe. Even great experiences sailing on my AMAZING Mediterranean Cruise Extravaganza and sailing on a cruise ship to the beautiful Caribbean Islands are wonderful memories. I am proud of over 30-years leading these tourists which at times was over two hundred great happy people.

My entire big band orchestra often traveled with us overseas, and occasionally we took along other great polka bands.   Every time we traveled we were filmed on video by John Koterba of Lightning Videos. These great memories of a lifetime of travel with me are still being requested for by grandchildren of many of my tourists.   After all of these years of leading tourists overseas, the time has come to say goodbye to all of my friends who helped make my tours possible.

Now I wish all of you will join with me as I am preparing my greatest-ever Farewell Tour to Poland in 2018. Can you imagine what an exciting experience you will have, what you can expect to see, and how you will be entertained, as we are crossing from the mountains to the sea. And, you will be receiving a complimentary DVD with all of the highlights of our wonderful time together in Poland.

Wherever You go

Whatever you do

Happiness to You !

Farewell Poland Tour with Jan Lewan – September 3 – 15, 2018

I would like to introduce to you our Luxury Tour. We’re going to Poland  with John from Lightning Videos, and I’ll be your tour leader and will take first class care of you. You will receive a free 4 hour DVD which captures all the exciting moments of YOU being there! We will be staying in first class hotels and provided with excellent food and entertaiment constantly. Also, only available with my tours, you will experience meeting extraordinairy people of Poland as well as seeing the famous landmarks of Poland.

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